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Professional Hand Massage
All of our Lexington KY massages integrate a professional hand massage.  For those of us working with our hands most of the day (either doing manual labor or working on a computer), there’s no question that hand massages can become necessities. However, most of us tend to think that a hand massage is something we can do ourselves and that a professional massage isn’t necessary. This isn’t true, as a professional hand massage adds a number of benefits that you can’t get by performing a self-massage.

The most obvious benefit of a professional hand massage is that both hands can be done at one time. Also, you aren’t stressing one hand more by using it to massage the other.  Having a therapist do this for you makes the process more relaxing, which is what a massage is supposed to be about!
Hand massage helps to improve circulation and relieve tension in tendons. It can also work to increase the level of flexibility in the fingers, wrists, and hands. This can reduce stiffness, which makes repetitive movements uncomfortable.

A therapist will use their thumbs and work in circular motions, massaging all the bones in the hand. The tendons of the wrist are flexed and massaged to reduce tension and increase flexibility. Each finger is gently pulled to reduce pressure in the finger joints. Fingers are also rotated to relax tendons and increase joint flexibility.

These targeted areas are often missed when performing self-massage, as most of us aren’t properly trained to understand where the tension in our body often lies. This is why it’s most beneficial to leave massage up to a therapist.
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