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What To Expect - Massage Lexington KY
For those of you who have never experienced therapeutic massage before, the "unknown factor" of the process can make it seem very intimidating. Your Lexington, KY massage therapist can ease your mind by answering any questions you may have prior to your appointment. There are a few key things only you can do, however, to best prepare for your massage.

First, make sure you have the right attitude towards the time you're setting aside for your massage. A massage should not be viewed as a selfish use of your time. It's a healthy approach to keeping your body well and balanced. Don't schedule your massage in the middle of a hectic work or errand day. A massage is meant to be relaxing and if you show up to the appointment completely frazzled, you want to make sure you can go home and enjoy the benefits of your massage after your appointment.

Second, be sure you don't schedule your massage right after a large or heavy meal. Allow for at least 30 minutes of time for your body to digest before getting your massage. Physical discomfort may be experienced in your digestive system without the wait and this counter-productive to relaxation. Along with this, your therapist will most likely tell you to be sure you drink a lot of water following your massage. Massage works to flush toxins out of your system and water helps to wash them away.

Third, be sure there isn't a medical reason why you can't receive a massage. If you are currently under care for a medical condition, verify with your doctor that it's safe for you if you have any questions.

Show up for your appointment a few minutes early so you can fill out any necessary paperwork. Remove any jewelry you may be wearing. Communicate to your therapist if there are concerns you might have. Then, enjoy your massage in Lexington, KY!

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